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Framing a Problem Statement

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

As mentioned in the article ‘Phases of Design Thinking’, framing a correct and actionable problem statement is very important, since this is the compass for your process further.

A problem definition should provide proper focus, inspire your team and users alike, define criteria for evaluating competing ideas, capture hearts and minds of people involved and save you from doing the impossible. Stay clear of wicked problems as much as you can. Many a times when you take up any project, after a bit of digging you find its complexities and realise how hard and big of a mess it is. Making a perfect problem statement involves researching, understanding and analysing as much as you can and coming up with that one brief that sums it all.

This diagram below depicts this struggle of framing a problem statement in any design process, irrespective of whether you are designing; a product, an app, a service or all of it.

We as human beings, want to do it all. But when you actually start working on it you realise it's impossible.

Many a times, we as human beings want to do it all. Solve everything in one go and come up with something which does everything. But when you actually start working on it, you realise it is never possible. You cannot do everything, you have to focus on one problem and try to solve it. Once you have solved it move forward to solve another one.

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