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Places to visit in Milan II

As mentioned earlier this list will include the must visit museums and exhibition centres in Milan.

1. La Triennale

The internaltion art and design exihition was hosted at this museum from 1936 and 1996 and then from 2016 again. This is the modern Italian design museum.

Every few months they have exhibitions for famous designers and their artworks. During design week, this one is a hotspot for cultural exhibitions from all over the world.


Normal: 9.oo Euros

Reduced for students under: 26 7.50 Euros

2. Pinacoteca di Brera

This one is all about arts. The world’s most stunning, centuries-old paintings from Italian masters including Caravaggio and Raphael are curated and displayed here. The gallery’s collection is housed in a 19th century former monastery.


Normal: 9.oo Euros

Reduced for students under: 26 7.50 Euros

3. Hanger Biccoca

Pirelli Hanger Biccoca is a non profit organisation which was once a manufacturing plant. They have renovated and turned this space into a biggest exhibition centre for promoting and producing contemporary art. It presents major solo shows every year by Italian and international artists, with each project conceived to work in close relation to the architecture of the complex, and explored in depth through a calendar of parallel events.



4. National Musem of Science and Technology

One of the oldest Museums in Milan, this is the largest Science and technology in Europe. The museums have exhibitions and interactive exhibits about material, technology, transport, ennergy even particle physics all the year round. It houses collection of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions in form of his own sketches and notes.


Normal: 10.00 Euros

Reduced: 7.50 Euros


Like in many areas of Milan, Tortona was once an industrial district which was later turned into a residential area. The structure where once was a factory stand a hub of cultural services and arts.

The ground-floor reception area includes a bistro, design store, ticket office, cloakroom, the Forum of Cultures, a conference hall/multifunctional space, educational facility, restoration workshop and repositories open to small groups for guided visits. Mudec Junior is a space specially designed for kids, where children too can come into contact with the world’s different cultures through games, multimedia equipment and manual workshops. This Kids area is inspired from works of none other than Bruno Munari himself. Like Hangar Biccoca this place organises exhibition by and about famous designers and artists. The one running right now is of Frida Kahlo.

If you are trying to explore Italian design and designers, this is the place you should visit.


It ranges from the exhibition to exhibition 10- 20 Euros

Entrance to Kid's area is free.

6. Achille Castiglioni

If you a designer or an architect you lust have heard this name. Achille Castiglioni. He was one of the most influential 20th century designer. This place is a family ran foundation and you can go through his whole design process, design space and learn more about him. They provide guided tours in all languages possible.

The one object I like in this space: joke glasses designed by him.


Normal: 10 Euros

Reduced: 7.5 Euros

You have to book online before visiting the place. They are open only on thursday evening and allow 20 people in at a same time.

7. Corso Como

This is the funky design shop in modern italian design aspect. The space is divided in 4 parts. The one on ground floor is a cafe. expensive one. One exhibition space is one mezza to the ground floor and another on first floor. Mostly they host photography exhibitions. The Store where you get all types of design books, you name it and you get it there. This store also seems the cross como merchandises. On the terrace there is free space with lots of chairs and the tables where you can just sit and chill with the great view of Uni credit building in nice weather.



8. Museo dell Novecento

This one again is a exhibition space and exhibitors usually changes every 6 months. Last time I visited the space it was Keith Haring's art exhibition. This space is in itself historic is part of royal palace (Pallazo Royale) at some point in history. They provide guided tours for almost all exhibitions in all possible languages.


It ranges from the exhibition to exhibition 10- 20 Euros.

If you own a Milano Student ID Card, you get concessions of many museums here in Milan and around it. Make sure you make one (since its free) and utilise it for your visits.

Was this helpful? Let me know in comments below.


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