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What is service design?

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

I am always asked what do you design exactly? Apps? Websites? Interfaces?

Every time I try to explain that it's much more than that and it's a bigger umbrella for these things, they get lost again. (My fault there maybe)

I have repeated this like thousand times till now whenever I explain what it is. Service design is not about designing for products, designing for apps or designing for websites, these are mere channels of providing what we intend to achieve. Service design is all about designing for people. The end product is not always a tangible result like a product or service but can also be intangible like an improved process or organisation structure.

Anyways, before I confuse you anymore have a look at this video. It explains service design really well. Now whenever people ask me what is it that I do, I show them this video by Fjord and say 'This'.

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