My work as a Service Designer


DOING is a design studio based in Milan, which was recently acquired by Capgemini.


At DOING, I work as a Service Designer and deal with projects from various sectors like Retail, Luxury, Banking, Public services, etc. In the past, I have worked with clients to come up with innovative service solutions to create holistic experiences for their end-users. Whereas my current projects are more focused on internal processes and people. The usual outcomes of these projects are the process and tool optimisation recommendations while creating an environment that enables organisational change.

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Few of the clients that I have worked with:


My work as a Change strategist


Apart from my full-time job at DOING, I also work as a Change strategist for an Indian NGO based in Amravati.

We help raise awareness regarding the healthcare system in rural Maharashtra through various campaigns and activities. Currently working for the cause of affordable COVID testing labs around rural Maharashtra with a Public-private partnership model.

Past projects:

• Organ Donation awareness campaigns

• Eye Donation & eye care activities (Mobile eye care unit launch, local eye check-up drives, eye banks in rural areas, awareness campaigns, Eye donation fortnight etc.)

I recently gave a talk about this project at a Service Design for Society, India meetup. To know more about what exactly I do with the NGO, watch the video.

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Few of the NGOs that I have worked with:


My work as a Design student


Wearable for new Moms

smart saving

Save everytime you spend


Organ donation system redesign


My work as an Illustrator


Slice of Life comics

Inktober parallel but with design prompts

Comics about Indian Mythological story of Ramayana

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