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Procedure to get your German Internship Visa in Italy

Before we start, let me clarify one thing, I am not working for any office or consultancy. I write these blogs from my own experiences of going through these procedures, I know the pain and frustration of now knowing what to expect before starting these bureaucracy. So do not hold me to the changes in systems and processes when it happens.

Back to the Internship Visa for Germany: I have had a lot of classmates and friends who while doing their masters in Italy, got internship offers from German companies. Which most times is a better deal since they don't believe in playing minimum wage to interns in Italy. In any case, if you are a non-European residing in Italy and just got an internship offer from a German company, this the is process you need to follow.

Pre-requisite documents:

Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the intended duration of your internship in Germany.

Letter of acceptance: Obtain a letter from the German employer or organisation offering you the internship. The letter should specify the details of your internship, including its duration and purpose.

Step 1: Get an appointment at the German Embassy in Rome.

Usually this step should be after you ready all your documents but knowing how busy the German Embassy in Rome is, this step take precedent. The very first thing you should do if get the earliest possible appointment on the Embassy website here. I have seen the wait times for 5 months at a time, so brace yourself. If you do not see any available appointment, there is one trick you can use, which can also help you get the earlier appointment that usual.

Tip: Go to the above website at exactly 12:00 am, they refresh their systems at midnight with cancelled and new appointment slots.

Cost: NA

Time: Depends

Step 2: Complete your application form.

Obtain the visa application form from the German Embassy or Consulate's website or by visiting their office in person. You can even fill this form onsite using a web-based-visa-application form on their website or you can download the pdf and fill it in manually. Fill out the form accurately and legibly, providing all the requested information. You can find instructions to fill in the online form here.

Cost: NA

Time: NA

Step 3: Prepare all the documents.

Collect the necessary documents as per the embassy's guidelines. Typically, the required documents include:

- Valid passport

- Letter of acceptance: Obtain a letter from the organisation offering you the internship, it should include the duration, purpose and compensation.

- ZAV letter: Your employer will send you a letter from the Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung, that is responsible for granting work permits and approving residence permits.

- Proof of accommodation: You will have to show the accommodation arrangements for at least a first few days in Germany. I can recommend booking something on the with free cancellation terms.

- Proof of financial means: This should not be required if your organisation is offering you a compensation. This may include bank statements, a sponsorship letter, or a scholarship certificate.

- Health insurance: You will have to show a valid health insurance coverage for your internship duration. In case you have the Italian national insurance, you can provide details of that insurance and are not required another insurance for internship. But in case you do not have that, I recommend using this insurance company.

- Proof of education: Submit your educational documents, such as academic transcripts or diplomas, to demonstrate your qualifications for the internship.

- Proof of language proficiency: This usually is not required if your employer provides you a letter a stating that your day to day work would not require additional German language knowledge.

Print two copies of each and create two sets of your application. I usually add a cover letter with a list of documents that will be submitted with each set. Here is the format.

Cost: All the printing costs

Time: Out of all above, ZAV takes the longest to arrive. Around 3 weeks.

Step 4: Attend the visa appointment

On the scheduled date, visit the German Embassy or Consulate for your interview. Bring all the required documents, including the application form, supporting documents, and payment for the visa fee. Answer any questions related to your internship or application that the consular officer may have.

At this point, they will give you back your passport unlike the American visa procedure. You will called back when your visa is approved.

Cost: 75 Euros

Time: 30 mins

Step 5: Await the visa decision

After your interview and document submission, wait for the German authorities to process your application. The processing time can vary, so be patient. If approved, you will receive a visa sticker affixed to your passport.

Cost: NA

Time: 30 mins - 3 weeks

P.S: I got my internship visa approved in 30 min. I was still around the embassy when they called me to communicate the visa is approved and if I can come the same day to get it stamped.

Step 5: Collect the visa

Once your visa application is approved, you will be notified by the embassy or consulate via a phone call (if same day) or via email. They will send you the appointment for visa collection in the same email. Visit the embassy or consulate with your passport. Verify that the visa details are correct before leaving the premises.

Remember that this is a general procedure, and there might be additional requirements or specific instructions provided by the German Embassy or Consulate in Italy. It is crucial to consult their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the internship visa application process.

Was this helpful? Let me know in comments below.


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