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Procedure to convert Italian Student permit to Italian Work permit

Based on which type of residence permit you hold when you are hired, the procedure to apply for the work permit changes. Honestly, converting the Student Permit to Work Permit is quite a tedious task compared to other types of permit conversions.

Well, but if you are scouted by a company while you are still a student, great going my friend. Congratulations! But that apart start with your documentation as soon as you have all the pre-requisite documents ready.

Pre-requisite documents:

5. Work Contract

Once you have all these documents ready, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fill up the V2 form on Minsitery Della Intero website

You have to enter into Ministery Della Intero through SPID and apply for V2 as you are being employed by a company and you have finished your degree.

Complete the form, partly your info and some company info. Better if company fills the info about them as it is lot and complex.

The last page of the form will ask for Marca da Bollo stamp identification number which is written on the stamp, so you just write it and keep that stamp safe till you get an appointment at prefecture.

Cost: NA

Time: Depends

Step 2: Get an appointment

In the next 2-3 days of submission, write a mail to prefettura that you need an appointment. You can write in English. The email address:

Cost: NA

Time: 2-7 days

Step 3: Prepare your documents for the appointment

Meanwhile, prepare the documents that you need to show when you go for an appointment (Original and one photocopy). Click on documents for the VA form and you can see the list. Around 4 documents will be given by the employer.

Cost: NA

Time: Depends

Step 4: Receive the appointment and Modello Q

Within 21 days, Prefettura will reply to you asking for certain scanned copies of documents. Reply to the same mail and upload the documents. Within a day or two they will send you an appointment approximately two weeks later to go and show the originals.

Prefettura di Milano: Corso Monforte, 31, 20122 Milan MI

Docs required:

1. Degree certificate,

2. Certificato di residenza,

3. Carta Identità (optional),

4. valid Permesso di Soggiorno per Studi and

5. offer letter from employer (it should contain details of the contract type).

6. Documents sent to you by your Employer (Tax returns, company registration, and identity documents of the employer)

Along with the appointment, they will send a Modello Q form that needs to be signed by you and your employer. It has all details that you had put while filling V2 form. Print 3 copies and take the employer's signature. Do not sign it yourself as you have to sign it in front of prefettura.

Cost: NA

Time: 7-21 days.

Step 5: Go to the appointment with Marca da Bollo

On the day of the appointment, take the 3 copies of Modello Q signed by the employer and other original docs as requested. You will sign Modello Q in front of them. When they ask for Marca da Bollo, give the one that you saved for this day.

They will give you back 2 copies of Modello Q, one for you and the other for the employer. They will also provide you the kit and this time, you don't need to fill it up as they will give you a printed one. They will explain the docs you need to put along with the kit and submit them at the post office.

Cost: NA

Time: Go on time of your appointment and this will be fast (10-15 min at the Sportello)

Step 6: Go to Poste Italiane and apply for your Permesso di Soggiorno

Go to the post office and submit the kit as we did for the student permit and you will get a date at Questura, similar to what we have done till now as students. But this time, fill up the form labeled Lavoro (Work).

Once done with that go to a Tabacheria and ask for 2 March Di Bollo. These stamps cost 16 Euros per stamp.

Cost: 16 Euros per stamp

Time: For whole filling up (15-20 min) and buying stamp (depends)

When you got to the Post Office take the following documents (copies) with you:

1. Passport (Original and the copy)

2. Modello Q

3. House Contract

4. Work Contract

Cost: 116 Euros for a year and 200 Euros for 2 years.

Time: For the appointment depends on the queue at the Post Office (15-20 min)

Step 7. Go to your appointment at the Police Station with all the original documents

1. Passport (Original and the copy)

2. Modello Q

3. House Contract

4. Work Contract

5. Passport size photographs

At the appointment, they will check the documents and request more if required. They will also take your fingerprints.

You can check the status of your residence permit request online to check if your application is missing any document.

Cost: NA

Time: 30 min to 1 hour. I suggest going really on time and the best possible time is early morning.

Step 8: Collect your Residence Permit

Within 4 to 8 weeks you will receive a text message from the Police (on the number you have provided at your police appointment), inviting you to go collecting your permit of stay card. It will usually be at the same Commissariato where you went for your appointment.

Go to the Police Station, they will ask you to show the receipt and take fingerprints again. Take your Residence permit and Yay! you are now free to work in Italy and travel anywhere in Europe without any hassle.

Cost: NA

Time: 30 min to 1 hour. I suggest going really on time and the best possible time is early afternoon.


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