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Procedure to get your SPID with Poste in Milan

SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) is the Public Digital Identity System that guarantees all citizens and businesses a single, secure, and protected access to the digital services of the Public Administration. You will be asked for this if you are trying to access any of the public services online, be it appointments for the public administration offices or accessing your tax records.

SPID identity is issued by Identity Providers, private entities accredited by AgID, which provide digital identities and manage user authentication in line with the rules issued by the Agency.

You can request and activate SPID with many other providers but the easiest way is through the Poste Italiane (for me at least, due to familiarity with the whole processes in Poste).

Pre-requiste documents:

2. Codice Fiscale

Follow the following procedure to get your SPID from the nearest Post Office:

Step 1: Apply for SPID Online

Go online on the SPID website. As I already mentioned many agencies provide the SPID service, I used the Poste Italiane service since it is the easiest and cheapest. Go to Poste’s website and register for the SPID application.

Step 2: Get confirmation and verify your documents at the nearest Poste Italiane

After some time, you will receive an email from Poste with a code. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL. Take this email with your other documents (Photocopies and Originals): Passport, Permesso, Tessera sanitaria, and Tessera Codice Fiscale.

Once at the Poste go and take a ticket number, go to the shown counter with all your documents. The person will check all the documents and give you a paper with your login details.

Cost: 14.50 Euros

Time: Depends on the queue outside Poste Italiane

Step 3:Login using your activated SPID

Go home and login to your SPID, change the default password to something else that you would remember.

Now you are free to apply for other Italian legal documents online.


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1 Comment

Saurabh Ghule
Saurabh Ghule
Jun 30, 2021

Thank you for this post Sayali. This is very informative.

However, I have a doubt. When I go to the Poste Italiane site, it asks me for a Carta d'identita, which I don't have. I chose the Bonifico option in which you have to transfer 1€ through an Italian bank account to Poste.

Could you explain more about what path you followed on the Poste Italiane website? That would be great help!🙌🏽

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