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Mobile health for emerging markets


1 in 8 women in the world suffer from post-partum depression but seldom seek help due to the attached stigma. At the same time, more and more people in those markets have access to smartphones which makes it possible to empower patients who currently do not have access to proper medical assistance. How can we offer them a suitable tool to better manage their depression?


Navigation for blind


According to the data provided by the World Health Organisation, there are estimated to be around 285 million visually impaired people around the world, of which over 30 million people live in Europe.


Everyday navigation using mobile applications seems like an easy solution for us, but the same can be very frustrating for blind people. They have to go through dozens of menu options before they reach the one they want. It's not just apps, but also the environment isn’t adapted for visually impaired people and they need an efficient, safe and easy way to commute.


This project was about finding a way that helps them in everyday situations, but also when they find themselves in new, unexplored areas. 


Organ donation process in India


Even after the increase in the pledge rate in India over the last few decades, the actual organ harvesting and transplantation rate is lower than any other country. The exact ranking of India’s organ transplantation is not known as of yet, but the annual rate was approximately 0.58 per million population as per NOTTO in 2017.

If we look at statistics of people pledging for their organs, the numbers are over the roof. However, if so many people are ready to pledge their organs, what goes wrong when it comes to harvesting them? Why is the conversion rate of pledges to the transplantation so low? This study tries to understand those barriers with the help of an NGO based in India.



Finance Management and edutainment


Only 8% millennials have a broad knowledge of finance management and 25% doesn't save any money regularly but spend whatever they have on impulses. There is a huge gap to fill when it comes to personal finance management education in millennials.


This project was conceptualised during and was a winner of a 30-hour hackathon in Milan organised by AGOS.




Fangirling hard for my favourite songs, f1 drivers and much more


I have been sketching and painting for as long as I remember. I am still an amateur illustrator but I am challenging myself with different mediums and styles for years and now I think I have achieved my style at last. Are you interested in collaborating with me for artworks or just fangirl about KPOP, Harry potter, F1 or something you see on my social media posts? Get in touch!


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