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This is Sayali.

Service Designer | 
Change Strategist | Illustrator.

Helping organisations discover user insights to make feasible and inclusive services

When I am not in office:

I teach

I love sharing my learnings and mentor young minds find their way. That's my personal kick, knowing I have helped and enabled someone find their way.

In past I have taught Service Design at Politecnico di Milano from 2020-2022

At present I teach UX Design at ReDi school of Integration at since 2022

I try to make change and create impact

I consult an NGO based in my hometown named Deesha Foundation where we work to make healthcare affordable for rural Maharashtra. The personal kick I mentioned before keeps me motivated for these extra hours.

I have worked with them on the topics of Organ donations, eye donations, eye care initiatives and much more.

Just sketch...

I love sketching, it's a way of blowing off steam when it becomes too much. I have in past created children's books, 'Where is my Skipper' and 'Iva's Christmas' that are available on amazon and etsy.

I have created and publish a series of Indian mythological comics series names Ramgatha on line webtoon. And I also publish a slice of life comics here on instagram.

Read me blabber about life in Europe and Design:

Read me fangirl over movies, series and albums on lilixnft review blog

Get in touch

Thank you! I'll be in touch.

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