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It's me Sayali 
Service Designer.
Change Strategist.

Looking for
my next opportunity
to make a change.

The holistic Way.

An engineer turned designer, I come with my experience and knowledge from both fields.


I love sketching and reading. I am a huge F1 fan and root for the Iceman and the Honey Badger.


Explorer at heart, I love adventures and I might be planning one in my mind right now.

Service Design 

Design Thinking 


User Research

Social Innovation  

Social Initiatives

 Content Writing 

help companies discover
User Insights and design feasible services

Having studied mechanical engineering and design then working in various industries, I have a fair knowledge of the whole product lifecycle. With a total of 4.5+ years of professional experience under my belt, I try to blend in my knowledge from engineering and design to come up with something practical while empathizing with people.

I help clients to discover useful insights through user research with the purpose of designing a feasible PSS (Product-Service System), improving their CX, and envisioning future scenarios. I have worked in different environments across Europe and Asia. My experience covers different industries like Non- Profit, Public services, Events, Luxury Fashion, Mobility, and Retail, among others.

I am capable of managing a project and being a collaborative teammate according to the project needs and roles. I have experience in managing and working directly with clients. Interested in facing new challenges in my career by exploring the intersection between Design, Technology, and Data.

Some of the clients I have
worked or collaborated


My work has been
covered in:

SDGC 2018, Dublin

Managed and organized the Service Design Global Conference in Dublin with 800+ attendees in 2018

Read more here>>

SDS India Meetup

Gave a talk about how Service Design can help create a bigger social impact when working with NGOs.

Read more here>>

Invisible Mind Article (KOR)

My work about the re-design of the organ donation system in India was covered in a Korean design Magazine: Invisible minds

Read more here>>

SDD India Article (EN)

Wrote a guest article for Service Design Drinks India, about organ donation system redesign in India

Read more here>>

Podcast on Organ Donation

A podcast with fellow designer to discuss my research about the organ donation system in India

Read more here>>

among others...

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