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DSU Scholarship documentation for Polimi Students

If you are a student of any Italian Politecnico, you are eligible for the financial scholarship provided by them. This scholarship is called DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO UNIVERSITARIO (DSU). For DSU scholarship you have to prepare a document stating 3 details.

  1. Your family's annual income

  2. Number of people in your family

  3. Value of property owned by the family

You can either prepare 3 documents on different stamp papers or everything in one stamp paper. The scholarship is awarded based on your financial status and in order to be eligible for the scholarship, your family’s income must fall within one of the following brackets;

  1. First bracket: ISEE between € 0.00 and € 14,420.31

  2. Second bracket: ISEE between € 14,420.32 and € 17,709.34

  3. Third bracket: ISEE between € 17,709.35 and € 23,000.00

If you come within the 1st bracket, you get the scholarship for sure, the 2nd bracket onwards the reward amount changes. ISEE value is your net worth considering your family composition and income.

1. Make the Stamp Paper:

You have to go to the nearest tahsil office in your city, ask for a 100 Rs stamp paper and give them the writeup for the paper with all the above details. They will type it, print it and validate it with their stamp.


100+. It depends from office to office and even one state to another.

Consider around 200-250 Rupees.

2. Get it translated:

Once you get this done, get it translate it into Italian from a certified translator.

You can use the same translator you used for the DOV translation.

As I said in my previous post, I heard Rohit was out of the business of translation, but you can try your luck.


Rakesh or Rohit: ₹ 2000 per document

Indo-Italian Chamber: Depends on the number of words in the document

3. Send them to CAAF

Scan these and send them to CAAF office if you are not yet in Italy or go and submit it in any CAAF office here in Milan.

Email ids are mentioned in that year's scholarship call.

Remember you have to take an appointment to go to these offices. Sometimes if doesn't matter but it is safe to have one.

And its done! Enjoy your days in Milan with it.

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