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Procedure to get your Student Residence Permit in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Congratulations you have passed the first hurdle of preparing all the documentation for your visa and now you have it in your hands. Are you nervous? You should be, this is a new country and to top it off with completely different language. I hope you have basic knowledge of Italian to survive here.

When you land in Milan the main question is how to get to the city centre. it's easy. Look out for signs for train and bus which are clearly indicated inside the airport area. You can choose any of those. Bus takes you to Centrale in an hour at 10 Euros and the train takes you to Politecnico Bovisa, Garibaldi, Centrale or Cadorna wherever that you needs to go for 12 Euros. You can buy tickets for the bus right outside the bus or not train on -1 floor of the airport.

Once you have reached your rented apartment or Airbnb or Hostel and you have cozied up with everything and everyone around you its real deal to start you whole documentation process again this time for Italian residence permit.

During the Polimi Welcome week they give out the kit for permesso di siggiorno (Residence Permit) from the Poste Italia (Italian Post Office) don't forget to take that. If you have missed the Welcome week don't worry, go and collect one from nearest Post office.

Now that you have the kit with you.

1. Fill out your permit of stay KIT at your orientation session during welcome week.

When you open the envelope provided by Post Office, they usually have 3 forms and a few supplementary papers, fill in the form for students, not the one name Lavoro (Work). They also give you sample form inside.

First read everything and understand it all before filling it up. Once you re clear fill it in black letters with a black pen.

Once done with that go to a Tabacheria (Tobacco Shops where you usually buy the tram or bus tickets. There is one in every lane) and ask for 2 March Di Bollo (Legal Stamp). These stamps cost 16 Euros per stamp. Once you are confident that all the filled n details are correct stick this Stamp over the form in specified rectangle, sign the form.

Cost: 16 Euros per stamp

Time: For whole filling up (15-20 min) and buying stamp (depends)

Sample filled form is attached

2. Send off the KIT at the post office with photocopies of the specified documents:

When you got to the Post Office take following documents with you:

1. Original Passport

2. Copy of your passport (personal data page)

3. Copy of your visa and copy of your entry stamp

4. Copy of the original admission letter stamped by the Italian Consulate (Questura

5. Copy obtained at Italian consulate after your pre enrolment interview)

6. Health insurance if you have brought it for an year from India

7. Pay the relevant fee:

Permit application fee : EURO 110,46; Postage and handling : EURO 30.

Once you reach the Post office, take a token number and get two payment slips (One for Permit and another for health insurance if you don't have Indian insurance already). Fill these slips with all the details.

Your health insurance document must meet the following requirements:

. It must cover you for the entire period of your master in Italy: the period of validity

must be clearly indicated

 It must be written in Italian or in English

 It must be valid for the entire Schengen Territory

If you do not have health insurance or if your health insurance does not meet above requirements, you will have the option to purchase insurance upon arrival in Italy, through Generali Italia S.p.A. This will ONLY cover you for emergencies involving hospitalization or hospital treatment. The price is Euro 98 for one year, or Euro 49 for 6 months. You can fill out a blank pay slip at the post office and pay it at the time you send your permit kit.

Once your token number is called, go to respective Sportello (Counter) and submit the documents. The person on counter will ask for your passport, check you documents and ask you to pay the amount. Pay it and you will get a receipt with your interview appointment details (Police station address with date and time).

Cost: 110.46 Euros + 30 Euros + 98 Euros

Time: atmost 30 minutes depending on crowd in the Post Office, I suggest going there very early in the morning.

Sample filled payslips attached

3. Go to your appointment at the Police Station with all original documents mentioned

above, 2 passport size photographs and an Italian mobile phone number. At the

appointment, they will check the documents and take your fingerprints.

You can check the status of your residence permit request online to check if your application is missing any document.

Cost: NA

Time: 30 min to 1 hour. I suggest going really on time and best possible time is early morning.

4. Within 4 to 8 weeks you will receive a text message from the Police (on the number you have provided at your police appointment), inviting you to go collecting your permit of stay card. It will usually be at the same Commissariato where you went for your


Go to the Police Station, they will ask you to show the receipt and take fingerprints again. Take your Residence permit and Yay! you are now free to travel anywhere in Europe without any hassle.

You have to submit a renewal application for your permit 3 months before it expires. This way you won't be stuck here in Italy without your permit.

Was this helpful? Let me know in comments below.


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